Path to Economic Liberty

We are a young company with old fashioned ideals. In fact, our governing officers are all in their retirement years. They were raised with an old fashioned sense of responsibility and dedication to detail and honesty in their business activities.

In today’s environment everything seems to demand “NOW!” and “AUTOMATED” and “ONLINE”. If you can’t understand how to do something, search online and someone else has already done it. Just fill in the blanks and do what you’re told.

What about security? Identity? Your cash? Do you fear giving out your personal data and financial information worrying who might be getting it and how it may be used? How do you create a paper trail that can be searched if something goes wrong?

Welcome to the past. we don’t want your credit card information. In fact, we require an actual paper trail to protect everyone in your transaction. First, we require actual signed documents, not electronic signatures. Next, you control the movement of your money. If you use checks, we prefer that, but if not, we will provide our bank information for your bank to handle transfer. Finally, when your contract is completed, we review and document the actual completion before we release any money to any party.

An old fashioned paper trail and physical examination of documents protects you all along the way.